*** Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics (01/30/21 @ 5:30 PM PT) Gm#21 ***
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 7:48 pm    Post subject:

AJ wrote:
Caruso isn't getting enough credit for the last play. What he did, his defense, made it hard for Brown to secure the ball. Brown gets that pass clean its a Boston win. Caruso just as important down the stretch as anyone else.

From what I've seen this is the only thing everyone has been talking about lol.. that Caruso iced the game for us.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:30 am    Post subject:

ThePageDude wrote:
DrDent wrote:

I could be mixing him up with another moderator but I recall being very active back then on the board and (I thought it was Mike?) the mod saying they wanted Tatum on the Lakers. I was keen on Jackson or Fox. Not sure I want to dig up several years ago of posts.

[PS this discussion was not in the smaller threads I'm seeing in the draft area, it was in a much larger thread. Also, could you be seeing who he predicted the draft would be - which is not the same as "who I'd prefer to get". I suppose only Mike can confirm cuz its not in the 4 page thread thats saved, if I have time I'll try to dig it up...was almost 4 years ago]

I personally don't criticize Magic for missing on Tatum, I criticize Magic for not properly evaluating Tatum.

First, there's no shame in being wrong - by analogy even the best hitters bat around 300. Doing the best job possible means not cutting corners, working as hard as possible and leaving no stone unturned. (Think of how the Clippers talked big last year but played "little" - they didn't do the best possible).

What made the Lakers-Tatum saga worthy of criticism is that Magic didn't even work out Tatum. That can only mean he:
* didn't think Tatum was worth it i.e. lack of preparedness -OR-
* had already made up his mind i.e. overconfidence -OR-
* was unable to convince Tatum that the Lakers would be Tatum's best choice i.e. failure of salesmanship, something that was supposedly Magic's strength

In contrast, I've seen countless posts by Mike stressing how critical he thinks in-person interviews/workouts are to assessing "intangibles". Who knows if Magic had had Mike's discipline and worked out/pitched Tatum, he would've changed his pick to Tatum.

The impression I had from that draft (and days leading up to it) was that the Lakers were all in on Ball, albeit posting here many were hoping some other players would go at 2. My guess is of the options you posted, #2. Perhaps they also viewed him as possibly taking something away from Ingram as well if they played together (I'm just speculating here).

I'm not sure if even the Lakers wanted Tatum they would have gotten him, e.g. if the Celtics thought the Lakers would draft him, would they have moved down in the draft? But, it is an interesting hindsight-pipe-dream to think "what would have happened" if the Lakers drafted Tatum, instead of Lonzo.
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