College Football Considering 12 Team Playoff

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:01 pm    Post subject: College Football Considering 12 Team Playoff

College Football Playoff will consider proposal for expanding to 12-team format

The College Football Playoff management committee will consider expanding the current four-team field to a 12-team format when it meets in Chicago next week, marking the first step in what could be another historic change for the sport's postseason.

The proposal does not include guarantees for conference champions. Instead, it calls for the bracket to include the six highest-ranked conference champions, plus the six highest-ranked other teams as determined by the CFP's selection committee. There would be no limit on the number of participants from a conference, and no league would qualify automatically.


I am good with the new proposal, but I still believe it is just another step to an even larger playoff at some point. The new proposal will basically take the bowl games not associated with the playoff from life support to a certain death (as far as interest). The best parts about the new proposal...

- Notre Dame will be at a disadvantage unless they join a conference being unable to get a bye.
- Fairness....Top 6 conference champions which takes down a wall for Group of 5 teams since more than 1 can theoretically get in by winning their conference.
- Maintains an advantage for the elite teams each year with the bye week.....or does it? Sometimes rest is good, other times rust is bad.
- "Very good" programs would have a reasonable chance to make the playoffs during the better years.

I think the expansion will go a long way in gaining interest again in the West among other regions that have lost some interest during the 4 team playoff format.
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