Woj: Rockets offering 4 first round picks for Jimmy Butler
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:53 am    Post subject:

This is the kind of stuff as well as everything else that should get Thibs fired.

Denying this, especially considering the TIMING of those picks, and how the Rockets will very likely be out of the picture by that point and IN the lottery.

I think that it's been proven that Thibs got lucky in Chicago because of Derrick Rose, but he has never been head coaching material, a good defensive assistant but he fails on every other level as a head coach.

He got lucky cause he had Derrick Rose like Byron got lucky he had Chris Paul and Jason Kidd. But at every other level as a coach, he fails. Especially when it comes to looking out for his players health, as Derrick Rose's career was ruined because of him, and he showed no remorse after the fact. People just went "well that's just Thibs" now you look back on that years later, and watch his lack of coaching whatsoever, and continuance to run his players into the ground and wonder why the heck he's still employed in the NBA.
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